STAR PMCA welcomes Harrison Wang as Project Manager for Ryde Central

STAR PMCA recently welcomed Harrison Wang to the team as a Project Manager. Based in Sydney, Harrison is working with the City of Ryde team as a PM for Ryde Central.

Harrison is a RegPM certified project manager with close to 10 years experience working on projects including:

⭐ the Concord Hospital Multi-Storey Car Park Stage 1 development.
⭐ the Susan Wakil Healthy Building construction.
⭐managing the development of an 18,000 sqm greenfield site in southern Sydney from feasibility to Pre-DA design.
⭐ lead PM overseeing the asset replacement program in a Grade A commercial building with residential strata.

Welcome to the team Harrison!

Celebrating completion of the Hendra Medical Centre

At STAR PMCA we think completing a project is worth a bit of a celebration - and a big thanks to the team who made it all possible.

This week we celebrated the near completion of our Hendra Medical Centre project for Christopher and Jeanagh Condon with a dinner at the Norman Hotel. Chris and Jeanagh came up from Dubbo for the occasion, and it was fantastic to get everyone together to mark the end of a project that required a lot of agility to deliver over the past couple of years.

A huge thanks from STAR PMCA Managing Director Nathan Vinall to Chris, Jeanagh, the project team and everyone who supported STAR PMCA in the delivery of this project, including:

⭐ Megan Rodgers and Justin McLennan from Fender Katsalidis
⭐ Douglas Pountney from STAR PM Services
⭐ Toby Spencer from Bartley Burns
⭐ Matt Douglas from Integral Group Australia
⭐ David Burke from Jensen Bowers | Surveying | 3D Spatial Solutions | Development Advisory
⭐ Carl Knaggs from Colliers
⭐ mason eade, Tom Zappala, Robert Nott, Jon Denver and Alexei Avsenev from The Rohrig Group
⭐ John Waterworth from Wilde and Woollard (QLD)
⭐ Chris O'Driscoll
⭐ Brett Hinze from MODE Design
⭐ Bligh Tanner
⭐And our STAR PMCA Board of Directors: Frank Carlow, Ben Warren, Lara Schlinker, Kathryn Koch and David Wing.

For more information about the Hendra Medical Centre development, get in touch with Nathan Vinall at

STAR PMs receive new project management certifications

The STAR PMCA team is celebrating the recent certification of Nathan Vinall and Douglas Pountney by the Australian Institute of Project Management, furthering the official credentials of the STAR PMCA team.

Our Managing Director Nathan Vinall recently achieved the AIPM status of CPPE (Certified Practising Portfolio Executive). This was the result of a ten-year self-driven journey for Nathan as the gained the experience to attain this strategic, portfolio-level certification.

Not long after Nathan’s success, Project Manager and Cost Administrator Douglas Pountney achieved his official Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM) accreditation from the AIPM. This recognition is a testament to the many years Doug has spent successfully managing projects throughout Australia.

Both Nathan and Doug were practicing architects for many years before they shifted their focus to full time project management. Their experience as architects provides them both with a unique perspective when it comes to the project management and cost administration of construction projects.

Congratulations Nathan and Doug on your achievements!

If you’d like to find out more about the AIPM Project Management certification process, click here.

Hendra Medical Centre project team meet on site

For the first time since November 2019, our STAR PMCA team were able to meet with our Hendra Medical Centre client, Chris Condon from Vauxhall, on site.

Despite the limitations of physical distance that being separated across the Queensland and NSW borders presents, Chris says he's been really happy with how our Star PMCA team have kept the project moving forward, how we've managed the various consultants and builders, and how we've been finding solutions for cost reduction without a subsequent quality reduction.

It was great to have the extended project team with us on site. Shown in the photo from left to right?

👷 Harry Dever from Colliers
👷 Mason Eade from the Rohrig Group
👷 our MD Nathan Vinall
👷 Greg Turner from Trilogy Funds
👷 Chris Condon from Vauxhall
👷 Chris O'Driscoll from Colliers
👷 our own Douglas Pountney who is engaged as contract administrator for the project through our STAR PM Services business.

We're looking forward to completion which is expected mid-May 2022.

For more information about the Hendra Medical Centre development, get in touch with Nathan Vinall at

STAR PMCA celebrates second anniversary

Two years ago today Nathan Vinall officially founded the STAR PMCA business.

It was a business he'd been dreaming of creating for more than five years. And while it wasn’t the plan to start a business just before a global pandemic, we figure that if we can not only survive but thrive through that, the outlook for the business is pretty good!

We’re extremely grateful to our clients who have given us the opportunity to shine as we help guide their way through the project lifecycle of their developments in Queensland and NSW. A huge thank you to our STAR PM’s, Board of Advisors, industry partners, consultants and contractors for their genuine and personal commitment to the growth of STAR PMCA.

We wholeheartedly look forward to year three in business and working towards our 2024 company vision.