Celebrating completion of the Hendra Medical Centre

June 3, 2022

At STAR PMCA we think completing a project is worth a bit of a celebration - and a big thanks to the team who made it all possible.

This week we celebrated the near completion of our Hendra Medical Centre project for Christopher and Jeanagh Condon with a dinner at the Norman Hotel. Chris and Jeanagh came up from Dubbo for the occasion, and it was fantastic to get everyone together to mark the end of a project that required a lot of agility to deliver over the past couple of years.

A huge thanks from STAR PMCA Managing Director Nathan Vinall to Chris, Jeanagh, the project team and everyone who supported STAR PMCA in the delivery of this project, including:

⭐ Megan Rodgers and Justin McLennan from Fender Katsalidis
⭐ Douglas Pountney from STAR PM Services
⭐ Toby Spencer from Bartley Burns
⭐ Matt Douglas from Integral Group Australia
⭐ David Burke from Jensen Bowers | Surveying | 3D Spatial Solutions | Development Advisory
⭐ Carl Knaggs from Colliers
⭐ mason eade, Tom Zappala, Robert Nott, Jon Denver and Alexei Avsenev from The Rohrig Group
⭐ John Waterworth from Wilde and Woollard (QLD)
⭐ Chris O'Driscoll
⭐ Brett Hinze from MODE Design
⭐ Bligh Tanner
⭐And our STAR PMCA Board of Directors: Frank Carlow, Ben Warren, Lara Schlinker, Kathryn Koch and David Wing.

For more information about the Hendra Medical Centre development, get in touch with Nathan Vinall at nvinall@starpmca.com.au

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