At STAR PMCA, we understand that the construction industry is constantly evolving, and the way projects are managed needs to evolve, too.

Our Founder and Managing Director Nathan Vinall was inspired to start STAR PMCA in 2019 in response to this evolution.

When it comes to project management, we know there are some things that should always remain the same. Such as operating with strong governance, being extremely meticulous and detail oriented, always being on the front foot, and delivering on time and on budget.

But we also know that these things are just tickets to the game.
They’re the things that all decent construction project managers should do and be.

At STAR PMCA, what makes us different is that we don’t believe in an off-the-shelf solution. While we have a standard methodology we use, we know your business and project is unique, and you need a unique, people-focused solution, delivered by a project manager who genuinely cares about your project and guides your way.

STAR PMCA Construction Project Management

Our STAR PMCA project management team guide our clients’ commercial construction projects from initial project concept, through to delivery of the finished, built product.

We work on both private and publicly funded construction development projects throughout Australia, with offices in Brisbane and Sydney.

Our team of STAR PMs offers project management, contract administration, procurement management, cost management and asset management services across the full project lifecycle. We can help guide your way on your next project from end-to-end, or can assist in delivering specific areas of support to your team.

Working With Us

There are three things we believe are essential for us to get right as we guide your way through all phases of your project:

We make sure we understand you

Collectively our STAR PMCA team has worked on hundreds of complex construction projects in both the private and public sector. And yet we would never claim we’ve seen it all, because each client and project is unique. It’s our job to understand you, your project, your vision, the big picture and your needs.
Our goal is for you to feel that we ‘just get you’, that we genuinely care about your interests, and what you want to achieve is what we want to achieve, too.

We support
your way

Our clients tell us that our accountability is second to none. We’ve got years of experience that enable us to roll up our sleeves and have the hard conversations with the contractors so you don’t need to, while upholding your values and reputation as your client-side trusted advisor.

We give you the confidence we will deliver for you

We’re meticulous creatives. We work with you to develop a unique road map of your project up front, so we’re all on the same page about where we need to go, what we’ll need from you along the way, and where the hot spots are for where things might go off track. This saves pain, worry, and money along the way.
Our STAR PMs then get down to work, clustering and collaborating together within our digital workplace to bring your vision to life. You’ll feel confident that we’ll deliver exactly what we said we would, when we said we’d deliver it.

How We Work

At the core of our STAR PM project management delivery approach is our team cluster ethos. This is how our team members bring their individual learned experience, knowledge and aptitude to the process of establishing and delivering the project.

We then use our network to bring like-minded consultants and third parties to the team, together with our client and the contractor.

The Star PM Team

Your STAR Project Manager (STAR PM) is your trusted advisor, facilitator, translator and program manager throughout all design, procurement and construction phases of your project development. The genuinely care about the success of your project, and are focused on guiding your way to achieve your vision and milestones.


Our goal is for you to feel that we ‘just get you’, that we genuinely care about your interests, and what you want to achieve is what we want to achieve, too.

Third Parties

Third parties include authorities, utilities, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and other suppliers required for each unique project development. Each third party is deemed a client for the purpose of project service management.


Developing a strong relationship with the contracting team is essential for project success.
We believe that, where possible, early contractor involvement provides buildability solutions that reduce project risk. We do not see the contractor as an end of line service but as part of the one team.


The project team includes a selection of preferred consultants who are aligned with and have the necessary skills and experiences to minimise project risk and help deliver the project vision. These consultants join us on a collaborative basis, with a ‘one team’ approach.

STAR PM SERVICES is the sub-consultant, preferred contracting partner of STAR PMCA, providing project management resources to STAR PMCA projects. It operates as a separate business entity to STAR PMCA to meet QBCC licensing requirements for Project Management Services when acting as a Superintendent on Queensland construction contracts.

STAR PM Services offers limited contract and technical resources directly to projects for:

- Contract Administrators (Superintendents); and
- ICT Project Managers to create cyber secure smart buildings.

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