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In 2018 the council commissioned a traffic and parking study in Eastwood to identify the best option for replacing the poorly designed 600 bay Glen Street Carpark. Following community feedback, the option now known as Eastwood Central was selected. The Eastwood Central development includes the relocation of the Glenn Street Carpark to the Shaftsbury Road Precinct, and the existing car park being transformed into a public plaza including potential community and retail facilities.
To progress the proposed development, council are now preparing a concept master plan and preliminary business case (PBC) for the Office of Local Government (OLG) and Treasury NSW.

STAR PMCA have been engaged to help guide Council as they align the PBC with OLG best practice for the proposed capital expenditure of the project. As client-side project managers, we support the City of Ryde with the PM peer review of multiple other development scopes that are secondary to the primary task of the PBC.

Issues that must be addressed through the master plan and business case include: 

  • Community wants and needs, the economic and social drivers for an urban transformation development associated with the Town Centre.
  • Identifying flood mitigation risks including a flood plain detention tank solution to address flooding from a major stormwater channel at Terry Creek throughout an area known as Glenn Reserve.
  • Traffic study analysis to advance pedestrian focused traffic crossings and alleviate traffic congestion.
  • Addressing potential planning rezoning for private and crown-owned land.
  • A new public Plaza, Library and community buildings, childcare, some retail, some residential and some commercial development opportunities.

To date, we have assisted council with strategic planning and governance to better define the actions and required responses to the council resolution. Our primary objective is to ground truth the development aspirations to the physical/legal aspects of the development site. Due diligence investigations, funding strategies and option planning have progressed throughout 2021. 

We have assisted council to:

  • Streamline 10 or more separate project development scopes of the council resolution investigations.
  • Program each scope for informed decision making by the client. The separate scopes are no longer independent of each other, they are aligned to address the community benefit arising from council’s future potential redevelopment of the Eastwood precinct.
  • We have prepared papers on the benefits and next steps of the OLG and Treasury NSW process with an outline road map for consultation with Mayor, Councillors and the Eastwood Community.

A PBC of this magnitude and influence, if fully supported, is likely to be a journey of up 10 years. We are pleased to help guide the way for the City of Ryde to take this first step.

“Something they do that is unique to me is providing a road map of where we need to go, where we might go off course, and outlining what they need from me. I haven’t had to really worry too much as I have confidence in them.”

Wayne Rylands, City of Ryde

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